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Thanks Bill, maybe I am too sensitive J 

That’s more than I remember of Randal’s method. I am not planning on doing any head gaskets myself, just wanted to pass on some ideas to a fellow with a Roadster 2000 who is having issues with head gaskets failing. 



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Tried on my phone, no problem getting to the archives.  You might try a different browser or adjust your sensitivity settings.   


I remember the thread you are referring to. Randall was describing using a pieCr of 24ga wire around the cylinder tops where they are proud of the deck for a better seal.  I personally have never tried it, built two motors, one with a copper the other with the Lucas sandwich.  Maybe someone else can chime in here.  





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Does anyone know why I get a Dangerous Webpage Blocked message when I try to access the archives?  I seem to remember Randal Young posting something about modifying head gaskets with copper wire and I was trying to find it.   





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