[TR] Speed bleeders for TR4A rear cylinders?

Allan Stults acstults at hushmail.com
Sat Oct 2 08:01:51 MDT 2021

I called them a few weeks ago to order Speed Bleeders for my 62 TR 3. 
They knew exactly what I needed.  Give them a call and they'll fix you
up.  The phone # is on their website:  speedbleeder.com
Allan StultsVeneta, OR

On 10/2/2021 at 5:45 AM, "Darrell Walker"  wrote:Does anyone have the
Speed Bleeder size for the TR4A rear cylinder (IRS) handy?


Darrell Walker
66 TR4A IRS-SC CTC67956L
81 TR8 SATPZ458XBA406206
Vancouver, WA, USA

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