[TR] Brake Master cylinder Cap weeps

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Hi John. Rationale for not bringing fluid level too high is dual: 1) sloshing; 2) liquidxheat expansion.On several old cars the steel caps tend to corrode from the fluid contact over time. Some rubber gaskets better than others. Old timers trick was making gaskets out of old tubes.Another trick I have resorted to is to super clean the inside treads of the cap. Super clean the Reservoir casting threads. Schmear heavy motor oil or lithium grease on cylindrr casting threads.  Schmear RTV on threads of the steel cap. Gently tighten cap 'slightly less hand torque than usual'RTV acts like a 'side gasket'. Really cuts down on the weepage.On my TR4, the placement of the brake & master clutch cylinders on 'the shelf' vs later TR6 front panel below shelf has caused shelf paint to wrinkle so no longer 'Concours'.  Why some have painted those shelves black or used battery acid resistant coating vs body color.Brake fluid very corrosive to paint.Why some Concours car owners went to silicone D0T 4 ( or is it D0T5.Anyway RTV is a very useful 'tool'.Sherman TR4 CT50054L (Original owner)Columbia MD Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone
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