[TR] Small coolant leak

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I agree that lapping the parts is the most likely fix. Yes, it may have been a Randall answer years ago. I did it to my original valves and they are fine. If you have an original, the spring which holds the two pieces together, will rust and need to be replaced. 


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> Dave-
> I have to say your note makes me realize how much I miss Randall Young and his always present knowledge of items like this.  Not positive, but I think I recall Randall talking about these taps, and the potential for poorer quality in the replacements.  I believe the fix that can help is to lap in the valve with some lapping compound, similar to a valve job.  Best to take if off the block if you want to try, but it isn't too bad to disassemble and with a little work you may be able to get a better seal.
> Randy
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> I have noticed a small coolant leak from my TR3 and have traced it to the handle assembly of the water drain tap on the side of the block. Anyone else had this issue? It's a new tap and don't know what the fix might be. It's not leaking from where the tap threads into the block... Thanks in advance for any BTDT advice...
> Dave
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