[TR] TR6 water pump rebuild

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Sat Sep 12 13:52:32 MDT 2020


I used a seal from Rimmers on my Stag water pump; no experience with the TR6 seal from TRF.  Be advised though that you may have to machine the brass cage that the seal fits into to accept the seal.  I rebuilt mine about 10 years ago, so maybe the seals are better today, but I had to have the brass cage that the seal fits into machined a few thousanths to accept the seal.  I had bought a rebuilt pump at the same time and it had just been forced together with no quality control check and would barely turn due to the same issue; seal wouldnt fit into the cage, so they just forced it together with a press. Ruined my timing chain within5,000 miles.  Fortunately I caught it, replaced that chain and I rebuilt my original pump instead.  Been fine ever since and no leaks.


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