[TR] The U.K. TR6 driver

Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 6 17:33:54 MDT 2020


I have no idea what a Sproutpicker is but I can guess.

You did what good folks do. And I thank you for it.

But did he really pay 30,000 pounds for a TR6? And one that needs 
another 5K in engine work?

Wow. I'll try to remember that the next time I take the 6 out for a 
spin. It has HS6s but runs and sounds just fine.

And no the 6 is not yellow, the 3 is!

By the way, we did pick up a number of British slang terms on the TV 
show "Line of Duty". Great show for anyone interested. My late mom would 
have loved it!


On 9/6/20 7:16 PM, John Macartney wrote:
> I think it’s unlikely this owner is on this list - but just in case, this is for him.
> Remember yesterday on the A46 near Bidford on Avon? I was the bloke in the black Volvo C70  convertible who took pity on you stranded at the roadside with a  fuel  metering unit whose timing was out of whack. Some things for you to remember for future reference:
> 1. I stopped to offer you help out of kindness and curiosity. No emergency mechanic will understand the Lucas injection system fitted on your TR6. I do, having worked on many cars with that equipment when new and I’ve owned three myself.
> 2. If you choose to drive a classic car, One jack without a handle, no wheelnut spanner at all and a sloppy adjustable spanner does NOT represent a toolkit! Wasn’t it handy that mine was available?
> 3. If you paid £30,000 for that car, the seller saw you coming. The engine needs a major rebuild from the racket it makes at idle, the electrics look positively dangerous and the fuel pump is over-fuelling the metering unit. What I did at the roadside in re-timing your metering unit to squirt the correct pipe at least got you running on all six, albeit not smoothly but enough to get you home.
> 4. I hope you enjoyed the lunch you never stopped telling me you were likely to miss as I worked on your car and...
> 5. If anyone else ever stops to help you at the roadside when they had no need to themselves, remember it’s customary to say just two words before storming off in a cloud of smoke and crashing gears. Those words? Thank you is the customary in England and a few other places too.
> Sproutpicker!
> Jonmac
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