[TR] Subject: Embarrassing, but, stuck driver's door on GT6

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Sun Sep 6 12:09:14 MDT 2020

Do you have to move it or just show that it runs?  Maybe you can start it from under the hood before they get there.  

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Subject: [TR] Embarrassing, but, stuck driver's door on GT6
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Mea culpa, mea culpa, I haven't driven the GT6 in a long time and the
code enforcement nazis in town are making me get rid of it unless I can
prove it runs.? It needed a new battery, so I got one (when did
batteries get sooo expensive?).? Needed fuel, put some in it.

But, now, I can't get into it.? The outer door handle broke a long time
ago, so I just left the window part-way open so I could reach in and
open it with the interior door pull.? But that doesn't work now.? It's
really, really stuck.? Won't budge a bit, almost like it was welded
shut.? Now, there were chips in the paint on the door seam like someone
may have tried to pop the door open with a screwdriver, but, I'm not
sure that's the problem.? I think the lock and pawl are just plain
frozen.? The actuating lever on the latch mechanism does move, as does
the locking slide.

I've been bumping, prying, cussing to no avail.? Any ideas?



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