[TR] Embarrassing, but, stuck driver's door on GT6

Brian Kemp bk13 at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 5 11:11:51 MDT 2020

I had a similar problem with the outer handle.  There is a plastic bit 
in the handle mechanism with a pin that goes in the handle.  It looks 
weak and mine broke.  At first, I could use the key and turn it to the 
unlock position then pull the handle while holding the key and have the 
door work, but that didn't last long.  Took things apart and found the 
problem of the broken plastic bit.  Re-sculpted the end of the plastic 
bit with hot melt glue and it worked perfectly twice.

The attached picture shows the broken bit.  The end of the white plastic 
part should have a round hole with a cotter pin to engage the latch 
handle.  I removed the spring so the plastic part was more visible.

Tired of having to open the driver's side door from the passenger's 
side, I ordered a matched set of new handles from TRF.  They were on 
sale and cheap enough that it was well worth the cost of not having to 
always open the passenger door to reach through and open the drivers 
door.  I was also very concerned the passenger door handle would fail, 
leading to a bigger problem.

There are some adjustments on the rods that open the door latch. 
Recommend you take off the inner door panel, make sure the rods are 
straight, remove and lubricate the door latch, and look in the door 
itself to check and see if the connection to the outer handle is broken.

Other things to try:
- The door sags.  Have someone outside help lift the door while you try 
the inside latch.
- The frame is flexible.  Put a jack under the frame at the door and 
jack up the car and try again.

After you get the door open, test the handles and latch multiple times 
before closing again.  You can use a decent sized round object (I used a 
#3 Phillips screw drive) to simulate the strike plate on the body of the 
car.  Slide the round part of the lock plate in like you are closing the 
door then try the inside handle a couple times as it seems more sturdy.  
When that works, try the outside handle again after you figure out why 
it didn't work.

For others - I have both the GT6 and a TR6 and the handles are difference.


On 9/4/2020 6:29 PM, Michael Porter wrote:
> Mea culpa, mea culpa, I haven't driven the GT6 in a long time and the 
> code enforcement nazis in town are making me get rid of it unless I 
> can prove it runs.  It needed a new battery, so I got one (when did 
> batteries get sooo expensive?).  Needed fuel, put some in it.
> But, now, I can't get into it.  The outer door handle broke a long 
> time ago, so I just left the window part-way open so I could reach in 
> and open it with the interior door pull.  But that doesn't work now.  
> It's really, really stuck.  Won't budge a bit, almost like it was 
> welded shut.  Now, there were chips in the paint on the door seam like 
> someone may have tried to pop the door open with a screwdriver, but, 
> I'm not sure that's the problem.  I think the lock and pawl are just 
> plain frozen.  The actuating lever on the latch mechanism does move, 
> as does the locking slide.
> I've been bumping, prying, cussing to no avail.  Any ideas?
> Cheers.

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