[TR] Embarrassing, but, stuck driver's door on GT6

John Innis jdinnis at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 19:51:22 MDT 2020

First, try unlocking the door with the key from outside.  If the inside
lock rod is broken, this will get you going.  If that does not work, I
think you can get the inside panel off with door closed?  If so you can see
if the local and latch rods are acting on the latch.  If the rods are
working the body may have sagged.  THis happens on the Spits but I am not
aware of it on GT6's.  On the off chance that is what is happening, you
could try jacking up the body on the drivers side and see if that frees up
the door.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 8:31 PM Michael Porter <mdporter at dfn.com> wrote:

> Mea culpa, mea culpa, I haven't driven the GT6 in a long time and the
> code enforcement nazis in town are making me get rid of it unless I can
> prove it runs.  It needed a new battery, so I got one (when did
> batteries get sooo expensive?).  Needed fuel, put some in it.
> But, now, I can't get into it.  The outer door handle broke a long time
> ago, so I just left the window part-way open so I could reach in and
> open it with the interior door pull.  But that doesn't work now.  It's
> really, really stuck.  Won't budge a bit, almost like it was welded
> shut.  Now, there were chips in the paint on the door seam like someone
> may have tried to pop the door open with a screwdriver, but, I'm not
> sure that's the problem.  I think the lock and pawl are just plain
> frozen.  The actuating lever on the latch mechanism does move, as does
> the locking slide.
> I've been bumping, prying, cussing to no avail.  Any ideas?
> Cheers.
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