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Hello, Triumph people! This is Janice Morgan. I am John Young's daughter and Randall Young's sister. For those of you that don't know, my father passed away in February and my brother passed in July. It's been very hectic dealing w funerals and estates. And then wondering what we're going to do with all these cars and parts. My two mechanics have gone away. I have some engine knowledge, but not nearly enough to do something like rebuild one of these cars. 
I have many triumph parts, entire engines and cars I will need to sell. I'm not even sure of everything we have. Dad had Spitfires and TR3s. Randall had Stags and TR3s. While I don't have Randall's cars w me in Missouri, I do have assorted parts (he had moved a lot from California). Randall also helped me pack my father's garages, yes plural, when we moved from Indiana to Missouri. He had us save any Triumph part (or tool) that was not easily attainable. I have boxes and boxes of parts. And probably a lot of tools that we will never use. 
Please help me by suggesting where online to start trying to sell these parts and cars. You're my only hope, Triumph people. If any of you live anywhere nearby me in South Central Missouri or know someone that does who could help me identify and sort the parts, I would welcome the assistance. That person would likely walk away w enough parts to justify their time.
I also have a large assortment of machine shop tools, if you know anyone that is interested. I hope to contact another list of friends for those things. 
If you prefer to not be on this list, I understand, just let me know. I scavenged most of these addresses from Dad's email. If you know someone that might be interested, or friend's of my brother's, please pass the email on to them too. 
Thank you,Janice Morganyojanice at yahoo.com765-404-4017 - call or text

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