[TR] Thread of Stromberg 175 Needle valve

Greg Gelhar greg at gelhar.com
Tue Oct 20 14:52:40 MDT 2020

This could be one of those times where a manufacturer uses a proprietary thread size. I measure that thread to be    M10.8 x 1.5    an odd ball for sure.

Greg G,
Osseo, MN

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Subject: [TR] Thread of Stromberg 175 Needle valve

I would like to change the side that the fuel inlet comes in on a Stromberg 175 CD-2.  It looks like it will be real easy to do, but the threads on the needle valve don't seem to match anything in my tap set.

Does anybody know what the thread is on the needle valves?

I know I could get a different carb body, but I am trying to avoid that.

Roger Elliott

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