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 There are many different chargers available.  You can get a smart charger for $35 but I wouldn't trust it.  I bought one one a trip once (I was desperate) and it crapped out after a couple of months.  I have also bought some trickle chargers for around $10.  Don't know why.  

Over the years we have bought probably a thousand chargers from a company called Chargetek.  We've had one fail on us.  I don't know if they are available retail but the CT500 is bullet proof.  The only down side is it won't charge a dead battery.  It won't start charging if battery voltage is below 8 volts.
Marinco chargers are available retail and quite popular with the boating set.  These are good chargers and I recommend them.
I have a pair of CTEK 3300 model.  It works well but you have to select the battery type each time it is plugged in.  Since our chargers are buried in the unit we need a charger that will just start charging when it is plugged in.
We are evaluating a charger from NOCO.  Too soon to offer a recommendation but it looks promising.  

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Two points.  I learned from my local mechanic that even the higher end Battery Tender Plus that is in the little metal box, will not maintain a battery, but will cook a battery when left on all the time.  I was advised to plug it in for a week, 2 at the most, then disconnect if for a week or two.  What a pain.
In my Airstream trailer, which has a charging system when plugged in, to charge the deep cycle batteries.  I learned the hard way that the unit that comes from the factory is crap and will cook the batteries.  I upgraded to a model that will let me leave it plugged in for months to years, no problem.
So back to changing and knowing the status of your battery, this handy tool is excellent.  SOLAR BA7 https://www.amazon.com/BA7-100-1200-Electronic-Battery-System/dp/B0015PI7A4/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3UHUBUZLSG9K3&dchild=1&keywords=solar%2Bbattery%2Btester&qid=1602785609&sprefix=solar%2Bbattery%2Btest%2Caps%2C852&sr=8-3&th=1No idea why it has Solar in the name as it has nothing to do with solar.  
You don’t have to disconnect your battery.  Battery doesn’t need to be fully charged to test it.  You just connect it and enter it what kind of battery it is and the Cold Cranking Amps it’s rated for, and it tells you the condition of the battery and how many CCA it still has.  I was blown away when I tested a 5 year old Optima battery in my Triumph TR3, and I think it’s rated for 700 CCA, and it still has 620, which is why it still works great.
Good luck,
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