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Tue Oct 13 16:05:43 MDT 2020

Just for what it’s worth…..


When I bought my TR5 from Charles Runyan’s estate, it came with 15 year-old tires.  They had little to no wear, and drove fine, but I decided I should do the right thing and replace them if I was to take loved ones out for a drive in the car.


Since there was only one manufacturer to choose from for redline tires, I bought 4 tires from Coker, through Discount Tire.  Not cheap!!


I put them on the car and there was a terrible wobble around 50 mph.  I took them back twice to Discount to get them balanced, but the wobble persisted.  Finally, I took them to an old guy (well, older than me) in Detroit who boasted he had balanced wire wheels for 40 years.  He told me the tires were so out of true they could not be balanced.  


I took them back to Discount Tire and they called Coker.  Coker refused to take them back unless they fell outside certain specifications.  The Discount Tire shop didn’t really know what Coker was talking about, but went through the process and sure enough, the tires all fell outside the specifications.


So the good news is, Coker will take them back.  The bad news is, Coker has no redline tires and doesn’t know when they will have more, if ever.


So my plan is to put new tires, not redline, on the car and keep the redlines I have if ever a buyer wants originality or the car is shown.


Andrew Uprichard

Jackson, Michigan

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