[TR] TR Head Freeze Plug

Bill Brewer billbrewer59 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 11:10:25 MDT 2020

     So I have a 1953 Morgan with an original Standard Vanguard engine. The
engine is very similar to a TR3 engine. It recently blew a head gasket and
overheated. I had the head resurfaced and bolted it all back together,
started it up and discovered that the freeze plug at the back of the head is
leaking now. Dang! Wish that I had thought about that before reassembling...
On the Morgan the freeze plug is about 10" away from the firewall and not as
close as it is on a TR3. I do not want to pull the head again. Any known
tricks on how to get the old plug out and the new plug in without removing
the head? 



     -Bill Brewer

     Morro Bay, CA

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