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I haven't used Ebay in awhile but when I did and posted negative 
feedback, it was challenged by the seller and not posted even as I 
protested. Well that pretty much ended my Ebay experience. They are as 
corrupt as FB, Twitter and Youtube. I sent them a reply telling them 
where they could stuff their company.


On 10/7/20 11:47 AM, Rochlin Robert wrote:
> I’ve never bought anything form ForcarEnt nor do I plan to, but when I 
> went to their eBay store to look out of curiosity they have 100% 
> positive feedback.  Given all the difficulties list members have had 
> with the company I find it amazing that they have such positive 
> feedback. I guess that now we abbe to be suspicious of the eBay 
> feedback ratings.
> Best,
> Bob
> '72 TR6
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>> ForcarEnt
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