[TR] TR4 Ignitions switch AUX vs.ON

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Here's a source of cut-off switches.




Alex Thomson




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We have battery cutoff switches on all our cars.  Given the dicey electrics
on these cars I think it's a pretty important thing to do.  Pretty much
every time we walk away from the car we disconnect it.


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OK, I have in the past inadvertently left my key in the ON position. For
days and days.  The result was a burned out coil and points which I was
forced to replace before the car started again. This made me look hard and
long at my fifty year old ignition switch. Although there was a contact
available for AUX on the back of the switch, and it was certainly wired
correctly, there didn't seem to be a AUX key position. There appeared to be
only three positions, Start, On and Off. Three clicks, not four.  I was able
to create a momentary and intermittent AUX effect by twisting the key hard
to the left and firmly holding it there, the radio would come on.


It eventually occurred to me that the switch was worn out, and so I replaced
it with a new one.  Voila, I now have an AUX function, and can now listen to
the radio at leisure without burning out the ignition circuits.  This
replacement switch also has the feature where you have to push the key in
slightly when simultaneously turning the key to the AUX position. 


Faithfully submitted,


Will Daehler

63 TR4

Powder Blue



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