[TR] TR3A SU Damper oil leak

DAVID MASSEY dave1massey at cs.com
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When you reinstall the damper insert you displace the oil and it will then be above the top of the piston cavity.  The excess will run down between the stationary part and the moving part.  This is a good thing as it will lubricate those parts.  But you only need to so this every 3,000 miles or so.  The lift the piston is the best way to ensure you have enough for the damper to be in working order.  

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Thanks. I know there is a hole in the damper cap to allow for over filling but there is no oil coming out from there or I would be wiping the domes. I fill to the inside collar line and it is a routine check point if sitting for a week or two. They always require more. There is some oil in there and I know for perfection both carbs should have equal amounts within reason. For the life of me cannot see where it is going. There’s no way it can get through to the needle. I have pulled the pistons and they are clean that said there is light clean oil on the adjustment area at the bottom of the carbs. This all started with me getting back firing and sputtering. My thoughts being the pistons (carbs) were not moving properly. Needless to say I checked the distributor side wires...points etc. it’s getting to the point that the problem is above my pay grade. Ugggg. Thanks to all. 
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 Oh, and the Stromberg's used on the TR6 DO have an O-ring seal at the bottom.  If that O-ring deteriorates the oil will leak out.  The SU's are a different animal.

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Alex,  my recollection of the TR3 SUs is that there is nowhere for oil to go.
One way one might suspect a leak is if the damper is overfilled... then the excess will work out and the level go down.
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Quick question…. I am losing damper oil which appears to be showing up at the bottom of the Jet assy. Looking at the Moss catalog diagram of the su for a TR3..there is a part named seal cork with a replacement called 0-ring (leak free replacement. Could this be the cause of my leak…open to any and all suggestions. Also…would the lack of adequate oil in the damper cause the engine to sputter and backfire? Thanks,Alex Manzo59 TR3A72 TR6 Sent from Mail for Windows 10 ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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