[TR] TR4 suspension mods

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Wed Nov 18 19:00:45 MST 2020

If it's really TR-6 stuff, the lower connection to the wishbone (that 
weird screw thread thingy) is more substantial, easier to swap and less 
likely to break.

- Tony D

On 11/18/2020 5:50 PM, dave wrote:
> I have an early TR4 (built in 62, titled in 63) with lots and lots of 
> interesting mods.
> The original purchaser also owned a flaps and did all sorts of 
> things.  He also ran the car in lots of rallies, and there are a few 
> unexplained holes in the dash.
> He sold it to a college kid, who drove it until it needed an engine 
> rebuild, and parked it for a couple decades.
> I have resuscitated it, and have constantly run into things that are 
> not stock.
> Here is my question – we are rebuilding the front suspension, and 
> discovered (after I had bought the “correct” parts, that the upper 
> control arms/wishbones and the ball joints are TR4A.  I think the 
> vertical control arms are TR4; we putting in TR4 trunnions.
> Can anyone explain to me the advantage of this?
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