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 Old gas is a recipe for a big mess, as you have discovered.  First, I would drain the tank as best as possible.  If you are lucky you might get away with filling it with fresh gas which might dilute/dissolve the residual varnish and the engine can burn it without too much issue.  Worst case involves pulling the tank and getting it professionally flushed and cleaned.    Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

What to do with old gas?  If you know anyone planning a bonfire in the near future this would make a good starter.  Or save it for the next community hazardous material recycle event.

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Drained the stag of old fuel. Thought I'd use it to clean stuff but noticed a sticky residue on anything I cleaned. Now put 2 gallons in tank. Got car started. Had issues with carbs. Accelerator was sticking. Removed carbs and see this residue all over the place. Used carb cleaner . Will start car again this weekend.  Is there anything I can do or add to the tank to get rid of this stuff. The car is not on the road yet so can't take it for a long drive.Sujit ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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