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I've had JC Taylor as long as I can remember.  Dad bought the TR3 in 1970, so could have been since then.  I added the 67 Daimler V8 in 2013. Had two claims from the Daimler (one breakdown, but towed off the highway, then another tow home).  Reimbursed for both.


The 2 tows I needed for the Triumph were both free, since one was on the GWB and one was in the Lincoln Tunnel.  Port Authority takes over in both places and gets you out of the way asap, but there is no charge.

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! That must have been an experience. Sort of looking at the wrong end of a gun!  Glad it worked out okay.


Alex Thomson





1960 TR3A

1965 Daimler V8, 2.5L

2012 Jaguar, XF




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