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 Hagerty, and Taylor and others who specialize in classic car insurance, know that we obsess over our cars and take care of them.  We are careful where we park them (in a garage when at home and somewhere secure when traveling) and we don't drive them all that much.  As such we are a much lower risk pool than those who use a car merely as a conveyance, as an appliance, something of utilitarian value only.
In most states you can get historic plates which have a lower registration fee, lower inspection requirements but also with limitations on how much you can drive them  These limits are well under those imposed by the insurance company, and they know that so it is an easy lift to offer no driving limits.  Most states also require that there also be another, daily driven car in the household.  Not having another car could lead authorities to suspect you are using this car as a daily driver which is counter to the intent of the law.  The insurance companies could also draw that conclusion.
I have been using Hagerty for over 10 years and to date I've used one tow.  No issues and good service.

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I've had Hagerty for many years and am completely satisfied.
I often drive my E-type on trips of several thousand miles... one trip covering 5000 miles last year.
Hagerty knows this.  When I told them I would be driving to Canada (from Tucson) they sent me a Canadian insurance card in a little wallet embossed  'Cruise Liberally'.
The only claims experience I have had is when my wife's Toyota was hit by a Hagerty insured (TR6 whose handbrake failed) -- and that went very well.
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Hi, all. My old insurance company is getting out of the business so I am looking for a new one (I have a month or so before my policy expires).  They sold the customer list to Hagerty; I may switch to them but I was wondering who else is out there that is a good, responsible insurance company that others have had good experiences with. Thanks!

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