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Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 06:29:20 MST 2020

I've had Hagerty for many years and am completely satisfied.

I often drive my E-type on trips of several thousand miles... one trip
covering 5000 miles last year.

Hagerty knows this.  When I told them I would be driving to Canada (from
Tucson) they sent me a Canadian insurance card in a little wallet embossed
'Cruise Liberally'.

The only claims experience I have had is when my wife's Toyota was hit by a
Hagerty insured (TR6 whose handbrake failed) -- and that went very well.


On Sun, Nov 8, 2020, 4:22 PM dave <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:

> Hi, all.
> My old insurance company is getting out of the business so I am looking
> for a new one (I have a month or so before my policy expires).  They sold
> the customer list to Hagerty; I may switch to them but I was wondering who
> else is out there that is a good, responsible insurance company that others
> have had good experiences with.
> Thanks!
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