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 Yes, the sequence is pretty self-evident.  My question was about the square O-ring.  So it goes between the two metal washers.  Have you ever had any issues getting it to stretch around the had section?

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>From memory:

Smaller cup washer > Plastic Hat > metal sleeve > larger cup washer.  The square o-ring is a gasket that fits between the cup washers.  Note that the smaller cup washer should have a larger hole than the larger (outer) cup washer.

Play with that and you should see pretty quickly.  See, for instance, the diagram on this page:  https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID005736
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 A friend of mine must be desperate since he is asking me for advice about his Spitfire and I have almost no experience with those.  He is working on reassembling the rear trunion.  There is a plastic bushing on either side that is hat shaped.  There are two cupped washers and a rubber seal.  The bushing, sleeve and cupped washers are all self evident.  My question is about the rubber seal.  I'm thinking this seal needs to go on the OD of the hat section of the bushing but it seems to be about 1/4 inch (6mm) too small in diameter to fit around it and trying to stretch it and keep it in place is an exercise in aggravation.
What has been the experience of those here who have done this and what recommendations have you?
Thanks in advance.

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