[TR] TR4 fuel vapor winter storage

DAVID MASSEY dave1massey at cs.com
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 I don't know what your area is but when I stored my cars in a warehouse I had to drain the tanks to meet fire code.  If you are concerned about the aroma I suggest you do the same.  An electric pump, some hose and a 5-gal jerry can is all you need and it is not all that difficult.  Disconnect the line to the carbs and connect the electric pump and pump the gas out.  Another benefit is that no worries about varnish.  

You can stash the jerry can in the garage for the duration.

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My TR is in an area that is relatively airtight, unlike the garage where it is the rest of the year. There is a slight fuel odor. There are no leaks so that leaves the vented to air fuel tank. The vent pipe is easily accessible and I’m wondering about attaching a charcoal canister temporarily and plugging the canister outlet. Another possibility to plug tank vent for the duration. Fuel level is less than 1/4. Thoughts?


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