[TR] Gasket sealant for sump

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Sorry Dean,
I replied to another post by mistake. Not enough coffee yet this morning and my fingers are not up to working speed.

 I have used Hylomar M many times for oil sump gaskets. I have tried a lot of other products but found that Mylomar M is the best for a good seal and the ability to disassemble further down the road. 
Tim Hutchisen
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I’m resealing the engine and transmission on my TR4 after 20 years of reliable service. 

Today I had a massive failure installing the sump gasket using Hylotyte Red100 sealant. It seems to have weakened the gasket to the point that it tore around several bolt holes as I torqued the bolts. 

Plan B is to thoroughly clean the mating surfaces and use Permatex Ultra Gray, which I’ve generally had good luck with on my Alfa Romeos. 

Before I do that, I wanted to see if any of you can recommend other sealants for this purpose. I only want to do it one more time. 


1965 TR-4
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