[TR] I must be bored.....

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Fri Mar 27 19:07:46 MDT 2020

 Um, thanks.


Wait a minute!  What do you mean harmless?
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#yiv7275314665 #yiv7275314665 -- _filtered {} _filtered {} _filtered {} #yiv7275314665 #yiv7275314665 p.yiv7275314665MsoNormal, #yiv7275314665 li.yiv7275314665MsoNormal, #yiv7275314665 div.yiv7275314665MsoNormal {margin:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:sans-serif;} #yiv7275314665 a:link, #yiv7275314665 span.yiv7275314665MsoHyperlink {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;} #yiv7275314665 span.yiv7275314665EmailStyle28 {font-family:sans-serif;color:windowtext;} #yiv7275314665 .yiv7275314665MsoChpDefault {font-family:sans-serif;} _filtered {} #yiv7275314665 div.yiv7275314665WordSection1 {} #yiv7275314665 Yeah, you are right, he does seem a bit crazy – but harmless 😊 But, the most important part, he plays a mean set of bagpipes. I have heard him at TRF’s Summer Party and he rocks the show car display. Be sure to get his autograph between sets, and don’t check under his skirt 😊    Keith Stewartkeithstewart at bell.net      From: DAVID MASSEY <dave1massey at cs.com> 
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Subject: Re: [TR] I must be bored.....  You should venture out to the VTR event in September.  There's some crazy guy who plays bagpipes there.  Dave     -----Original Message-----
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Subject: RE: [TR] I must be bored.....And people think we are just a bunch of old coots who work on our cars?  If only they knew the talents just percolating under the surface……… From: DAVID MASSEY <dave1massey at cs.com> 
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Subject: Re: [TR] I must be bored..... There once was a young man from MichiganWho does all the thinks that I wish I kin (can?).Though I didn't know itHe is also a poetAnd can rhyme all the words that will make us grin.  Dave   -----Original Message-----
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Subject: [TR] I must be bored.....I don’t have Coronavirus, in fact I’m feeling quite good,But I’m doing what Governor Whitmer said, like any citizen should.If I didn’t have all of those Triumphs, I’d be bored right out of my brain,But as any TR owner will tell you, there are always things to maintain.  Leaks and squeaks and rattles – now is the time to fixOh – and while you are at it - what about the knocks and the clicks?The lights that don’t work, the fuses that blew and the oil all over the floor,Broken cables and wires, rough idles, misfires  - need I list any more? The joys of owning a Triumph go way beyond the drive,For it takes just so many hours to keep our cars alive.So while others are fighting with loved ones, cooped up in self-isolation,We are out in our garages working to maintain the TR sensation !! ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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