[TR] History of repairs

Ron L'Herault lherault at verizon.net
Fri Mar 27 09:44:47 MDT 2020

I was going through some stuff in my basement when I came across a pile of
repair receipts from when I bought a 1971 TR-6, brand new off the lot. In
January of '72 it went in for its 1000 mile service/check up.  It cost me
$16.70.   They fixed a non-functioning courtesy light and replaced a snap
that was missing from the passenger side door, adjusted the hard to pull
hood latch and addressed a noise in the speedometer I described as a buzzing


In June of '72 it was back to the dealer for the 9K mile service.  They
aligned the front end ($26.00), checked white deposit on battery, did oil
and filter, balanced wheels and sanded and adjusted the brakes.  Total was
$51.74.  In September of 1972 they replaced the battery.


Want more tales of new Triumph dealer maintenance?


Ron L



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