[TR] Gas tank seal or not seal?

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I've sealed a couple of tractor tanks with a product from "The Shop"
http://theshopproducts.com/products_gastank-sealer.html  and had great
results. I'm not sure if they still sell their tank sealer, though. To get
rid of the loose scale and rust, I dump a box or two of 1/2 inch nuts into
the tank and shake as long as I can. All of the nuts can be retrieved with a
magnet. I tried the same thing with some driveway stone once and that was a
mistake! I had a heck of a job to get all of the stone and stone dust out of
the tank! I won't do that again.

The only downside of sealing a tank is the repeat labor of removing the tank
and all that goes with it if the sealing job doesn't work out. Getting
stranded somewhere because of clogged fuel lines might make a replacement
tank seem quite inexpensive! 

Alex Thomson

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I'm refurbishing a Spitfire gas tank and trying to decide to seal it (or
not) once all the prep work is done to de-grease and de-rust it.
What say you, seal or not.
If I seal it what sealer have folks had good luck with? I'm looking at,
Caswell, Por-15, Kreem, and Eastwood sealers.
I've read good and bad things about sealers.


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