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Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Sun Mar 1 18:37:30 MST 2020

you've got some other issue going on.

A stiffer spring would have not allowed the weights to swing out as far 
at lower rpms. It would NOT ADD idle advance over the original 
settings.�� If anything...your original timing setting might have been 
now retarded as the new springs would have held the weights in longer up 
the rpm band, and possible at idle� (new springs= no/less centripetal 
advance at idle).

If your timing is bouncing around or erractic...have to bothered to 
check the end float of your cam driven dist drive gear?� IIRC, something 
like 0.04" of uncontrolled float can create +/- 5 degrees of timing 
jitter.� You stack (or remove) shims under the dist pedistal to correct 
the end float.


On 3/1/2020 2:39 PM, Peter Arakelian wrote:
> > Wouldn't stiffer springs give you less advance at idle and, hence, 
> more advance at speed?<
> That was my initial thought, too.� However, the way the system appears 
> to work is that the weights pull out no matter which spring is used.� 
> The springs determine how much of that pull is transferred to the 
> distributor�s advance.�� A stiffer spring will follow the pull of the 
> weight more closely giving you advance sooner.� This was also borne 
> out by what actually occurred. When I put the stiffer springs in the 
> idle timing advanced by 10-15 degrees.
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