[TR] Perplexing A-Type OD Problem

Anthony Rhodes spamiam at comcast.net
Sat Jun 27 12:51:51 MDT 2020

When you say “digital”.   Do you really mean microprocessor-controlled or just generally “solid-state”

I certainly agree that four failures in a row suggests something is funky with your power, and you may have high voltage spikes coming from somewhere that is damaging the electronics in the regulator.  

True digital, microprocessor-controlled, is very very sensitive to voltage spikes.  

Analog solid-state regulators are substantially more durable, but they still need really good spike protection with some BIG fat components to handle the spike power. 

When I had a really bad sparkplug wire (or several) it must have been making some seriously high voltage spikes which took out the old original voltage stabilizer and in old original coil.  


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> That would suggest to me that you have a power issue.
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> They were all digital.

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