[TR] Commission Plate Rivets

Brian Thomas thomasb at queensu.ca
Sat Jun 20 09:35:05 MDT 2020


I'm looking to replicate the 4 rivets used to mount the commission plate on my TR2.  

Pop rivets I am familiar with have a hollow center when the rivet is installed.  The ones used to hold the plate leaves a metal cap in this opening.  

Has anyone had success finding this type of rivet?  

FYI, Rimmers shows "713531 - Pop Rivet - Closed End Type - 1/8 inch x 1/4 inch" for this application and TRF subs 554407 for this.  As 554407 is also used to hold down the chrome capping on the top of a TR4A windshield (which I have), I had a look and the rivets used there are also hollow ...


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