[TR] what is going on?????

Cliff Hansen cliff_hansen at outlook.com
Sun Jun 14 08:18:24 MDT 2020

Bad battery and some parasitic current on the car, I’d guess. The battery internal resistance (think of a resistor in series with the battery) could large relative to the parasitic current path on the car, but negligible relative to the resistance of the multimeter.


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Yes.  I tested the good battery and it showed 12.7 volts.  positive

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Have you confirmed that the leads are correctly connected at the multimeter?

On many modes they can be reversed.


On Sat, Jun 13, 2020, 7:57 PM dave <dave at ranteer.com<mailto:dave at ranteer.com>> wrote:

We bought a car a few months ago (an 88 jeep actually).  Wasn’t running or driving, needed some work, battery was dead.

Today we finally got it running and driving using a known good battery from another car.

Set the jeep’s battery up on a charger a day or two ago and decided to try it in the jeep after all we succeeded in getting it running and driving.

Hooked up the positive first, then touching the negative caused a spark!!!!

Double checked that we had the ground to the engine and the positive to the electrical system.

The multimeter, with the red on the positive terminal and the black on the negative, read -9.97

Reversed it and got 9.97.

Checked the good battery – no, the multimeter is not broken.

Checked the jeep’s old battery again, same results.  Good battery – same results (about 12.97)

What is going on????  how is this possible?  Yes, we are replacing the battery but if someone had told me this story I would have told him he must have mixed up the terminals, that its not possible.

Can anyone explain this to me?

And yes, we are replacing the battery

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