[TR] Tr3 heater core hose replacement

andrew uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Sat Jun 13 13:11:25 MDT 2020

Let me start by saying I am thinking aloud 😊:  what if you removed the two dash supports and dropped the heater down low enough that you could work on the hose? You would have to remove the nut which secures the heater bracket to the front scuttle and pull the Y-shaped piece which takes the demister hoses, but I think that would be the way to replace a bad heater.

I just find that glove box such a pain to put in and take out - but I'm sure that would work as well.

Andrew Uprichard
Jackson, Michigan

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So the heater hose in the passenger footwell developed a crack (luckily no passenger at the time).  Any guidance on how to get adult sized hands (and a screwdriver) near the heater core side of the hose?  Should I take the glove box out?



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