[TR] TR Bonnets: (Was Re: TR3 - how does the door latch strap fasten to the door latch)

Michael Porter mdporter at dfn.com
Mon Jun 8 23:40:23 MDT 2020

On 6/8/2020 7:17 PM, Jerry Van Vlack wrote:
> Pretty scary watching that hood floating down. It all seemed in slow 
> motion at the time.

My boss at a startup in MA commuted back and forth from New Hampshire, 
and he was driving home one evening on Rt. 3 when a big contractor's 
wheelbarrow caught the wind, came loose from the truck it was in and 
sailed over his car.

Went through the windshield of the car behind him, killing the driver.  
When the advice is not to go out in the middle of a hurricane, that's 
why.  There's a lot of big pieces of shit flying around.  Power 
available from the wind grows linearly with surface area of the object 
and by the cube of the velocity the wind.



Michael Porter
Roswell, NM

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