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Mon Jun 1 19:39:52 MDT 2020

"Actual question here:  How many other cars from that vintage can keep up
with traffic?  Talking your basic 4 cylinders here.  I'm particularly
interested in the Porsche 356.  Didn't it come stock with a 1600 cc engine?

Terry Smith,"

I have never owned one, but I have Road & Track's "On Porsche 1951-1967"

356s were built a long time in many flavors (though pales next to 911
variations).  Most were 1600 CC, early cars were 1500, late were two
liter.  Many different specs and HP.  But it looks like most all (similar
to air cooled VWs) had short lower gears and tall upper gears.  They also
had 15" wheels, and probably about the same size tires as early TRs.

Anyway, most all were geared between 19 and 21 miles per 1000 rpm, so
3500ish at 70.  Not bad, have never driven one, so can't say if they felt
relaxed or a little frenetic.  Probably relaxed by the small car standards
of the day, but frenetic compared to most any modern car.

Greg Lemon
J Type O/D
3.69 Nissan Diff
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