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Mon Jun 1 18:43:38 MDT 2020

Bill - Here is a 20 year old article that I wrote with all the math 
regarding TR6 tire sizes.  Note that this is an obsolete portion of the 
site that has not been cleaned out.  Most of the links are probably dead.



On 5/31/2020 2:52 PM, bill beecher wrote:
> Came across this calculator with all the right input fields.  But, I 
> wonder how accurate it really is given the following input.
> TR3 with a 3.7 rear, OD at redline of 5,000rpm.  Vredestein 165R/15 
> tires, 25.4” diameter.   Should be moving along at 124mph!
> https://wahiduddin.net/calc/calc_speed_rpm.htm
> Anyone get a different answer?
> Bill
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