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I will guess that is a valid concern. 

Many years ago Randall and I were working on a scan of the Stag ROM so it
could be word searched.  Randall had taken apart the ROM and also the Parts
catalog and had the ability to bulk scan them at work.

I think he did accomplish that but I never saw the result

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On 7/24/20 4:14 PM, Lee Daniels wrote:
> Randall's collection of online documents is legendary, and he shared them
> without hesitation. All of this Triumph documentation is on his shared
> Drive, and I check it regularly for updates. I just checked, and the last
> couple of updates were in April. There are 169 files stored there, mostly
> scans and copies of official Triumph documentation. A great resource for
> things Triumph, from "T-62-10 Herald Rack & Pinion Plunger retainer
> replacement" to "Stag Soft Top Operation".

I wonder if that file collection is in danger of going away now that he 
has passed on.  Perhaps I should work on getting it alkl stashed on Team 
Net somewhere.


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