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On May 10, Ironically my sisters Birthdate,(she passed on 2011). ; Bill Stewart Good friend of many years, & a TR2,TR3 & TR4 owner, since the 60s, caretaker passed.So Randall's passing (West Coast, East Coast Community losses) really hits the Emotional Heart.Bill was 1 day younger than I am, (74) ;so though I still am able to do all I ever did ( Contortioning, ladder work, Construction, Playing with Cars: 4 6 8s & V12s, Systems Analysis,  & Flying my Commander 112TC, these events for e us all to (at least for  few moments) Contemplate the reality of our 'Lives'. Randall contributed a tremendous body of knowledge to this community, and I am working with Bill's son Ed ( lives in Seattle area) to return the TR4 to roadworthy status so he and his son can repeat the 1970s cross Continent TR4 trip Bill took Ed on. IMHO, The Best Way we can honour Randall & Bill & Fred Thomas ( who I communicated with when we started building on the Tree Farm more than a decade ago (16 mi NW Fredericksburg VA); is to continue to support each other and 'the next generations'. I too will deeply miss Randall's sharing. Sherman D TaffelColumbia MD & Goldvein VATR4 CT50054L ( last production TR4 per this list)OthersHelping CTR club member refurbish his twoTR6s. Will try to post more of the 'renewal projects'.I hope someone is printing these comments for Mei!Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S10, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone
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