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Glenn A. Merrell controls at freelanceconsulting.net
Fri Jul 24 15:42:29 MDT 2020

I'm shocked to read of Randall's passing, certainly since he was younger
than me by a little.  I suspected something was going on a few months ago
when Randall uncharacteristically dropped off the various lists and forums
where he was on at least weekly.  I hope he was not a COVID-19 statistic.


I remember signing Randall up as a member of the Triumph Stag Register just
about 20 years ago.  One of his goals was a cross country drive in a
properly running Stag which he accomplished in 2005 for the NATC VTR2005 in
Rockford Illinois with his father.  He had spent a lot of time to work out
any issues with his Stag in time for the trip, and he got there the long way
making a large circle trip from California.  I am sure there are VTR2005
photos of he and his father and his Stag, I know they were in the panorama
photo, some of the driving events including TSD.


Randall was always more than helpful to get to the root failure and provide
some hard learned lessons what not to do and then how it might get resolved
for a longer lasting solution.


My sympathies go out to Mei.  We might all note that Randall had quite an
accumulation of Triumphs - running and in various other stages of repair,
including and parts and memorabilia that Mei will definitely need help
turning that collection into real cash in her hands.


Pedal to the metal Randall,  all your roads now are smooth, no potholes, as
many turns and straightaways as you wish, parts are gold standard,  you
never overheat, never lose your spares door lid key or run out of fuel or
get saddle sore!


In Sadness,


Glenn Merrell aka StagByTriumph

aka StagByTriumph Garage (now on FaceBook)

Remember, "the BEST trophies are: Miles on the Odometer; Stone chips in the
paint; and DEAD BUGS on the windscreen . with the occasional smell of



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I just got a call from Randall's wife, Mei.  Randall died 2 days ago.  He
was only 64.  Very sad indeed.


Mei asked me to let his Triumph friends know, so I have posted a note on TRE
as well as this email.  Anyone who knew Randall should feel free to post to
other sites where he was active.


Mei told me they are planning a funeral in the Midwest (Missouri, I believe,
but she was very emotional and hard to follow).  She said any friends who
want to know more should call her on her cell phone:  (562) 303 8007.  Her
address is 5754 Coke Avenue, Lakewood, CA  90712-1605.


Rest in peace, Randall - we will miss you.



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