[TR] Randall Young

Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Fri Jul 24 08:53:51 MDT 2020


Someone on the list posted a photo a few months ago when we all first 
heard about Randall's hospitalization. I don't think the other fellow 
was Fred. Maybe if you get photos of both you can use a photo editor 
application to merge the two.

Good luck and thanks.


On 7/24/20 10:42 AM, Mark J Bradakis wrote:
> On 7/24/20 3:46 AM, Lawarence Schwartz wrote:
>> Hello, Such sad news indeed. I was introduced to Randall many years 
>> ago by the late “FT” Fred Thomas . Such two true blue fine gentlemen. 
>> Randall, there is a special place for you in heaven, RIP.   Lawrence 
>> Schwartz 
> So does anyone have a photo of Fred and Randall together?  I had an 
> idea for a project some years ago, and maybe I should get to work on it.
> http://autox.team.net/memory.html
> mjb.
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