[TR] Randall Young

Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Thu Jul 23 17:25:21 MDT 2020

I never met Randall but felt as if I did. So much knowledge. Was there 
any topic or question that he did not have an answer?

And to go so young. He will be missed by all on this list for sure.

Rest in peace.


PS. if there is a link to an obituary please post a link. Thanks

On 7/23/20 6:30 PM, andrew uprichard wrote:
> I just got a call from Randall’s wife, Mei.  Randall died 2 days ago.  
> He was only 64.  Very sad indeed.
> Mei asked me to let his Triumph friends know, so I have posted a note 
> on TRE as well as this email. Anyone who knew Randall should feel free 
> to post to other sites where he was active.
> Mei told me they are planning a funeral in the Midwest (Missouri, I 
> believe, but she was very emotional and hard to follow).  She said any 
> friends who want to know more should call her on her cell phone:  
> (562) 303 8007.  Her address is 5754 Coke Avenue, Lakewood, CA  
> 90712-1605.
> Rest in peace, Randall – we will miss you.
> Andrew
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