[TR] anti squeal shims

Paul Tegler ptegler at verizon.net
Wed Jul 8 20:23:22 MDT 2020

 From past experience, these shims are a joke. REAL squal shims as many 
are using/calling them, have a dense thin pad of material on them to 
deaden vibration.
exact same function as boommat/dynamat on your interior floors and panels.

as a test... only a test as the achieve won't hold up to the heat... 
just place two layers of duct tape just a tad larger than the piston on 
the piston side of the shim


On 7/8/2020 8:32 PM, dave wrote:
> Anyone know how thick they are?� Looks like a piece of cake to make if 
> I just knew the thickness
> https://mossmotors.com/shim-set-anti-squeal
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