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 That Dolomite box was also essentially the same box used in the early four-speed TR7s; again, the ratios are pretty much identical. For warranty and/or rebuilt-exchange at some point "back then," it would not have been too surprising to have had BL supply a gearbox that might have originated in another car. And the same could have happened any time since. Maybe 20 years ago or so, it was often cheaper (even with shipping) to buy a rebuilt gearbox from England than to have one rebuilt here in the US. That's how a Triumph Toledo gearbox ended up in a friend's MkIV Spitfire; again, virtually identical boxes. (I know this because I helped my friend purchase and install that Toledo gearbox, to replace a tired, non-synchro-first box from an earlier Spitfire. (He was very happy with the improvement!)
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 Thanks Andy!
  That is interesting - you wouldn't think a Dolomite 1850 HL transmission would be the most likely of candidates to be transplanted into a GT6 in Kansas, since I don't think they were imported much if at all.
  I wouldn't mind having a Dolomite Sprint.....  
  On 7/6/20 11:45 AM, Andrew S. Mace wrote:
  The "WE" prefix indicates that the box -- or at least the case -- originated in a Dolomite 1850HL, which should have ratios similar, if not identical, to those of the GT6. 
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