[TR] GT6 transmission

Roger Elliott elliottr at rmi.net
Sun Jul 5 14:44:31 MDT 2020

I will be working on adding adding an overdrive to my 1968 GT6 Mark 1 
transmission. In looking over some things, it appears that I have a 
transmission number that shouldn't exist. The number is WE 12870 as can 
be seen in the attached picture.  From the outside it looks like what I 
expect a GT6 transmission to look like.  The previous owner did tell me 
he had the transmission rebuilt not terribly ong before I bought it.

 From what I can tell GT6 transmissions should start with KC or KD.  A 
Vitesse box it would be HB or HC. (based on this 
site:http://www.wolfitt.com/numbers_and_ratios.htm).  I don't know what 
other car it could come from.

Were there separate numbers for rebuilt or replacement transmissions?

Roger Elliott

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