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Bob yellowtr at adelphia.net
Sun Jul 5 12:09:16 MDT 2020


Something is plugged.

Some of the old 4 cycle engines had a rubber breather tube along side 
the crank case above the oil line pointing down. I think some of the 
newer engines breath through the carb.


On 7/5/20 12:22 PM, dave wrote:
> my nephew is trying to revive a go kart which sat for 10 years.
> He has it running, but badly, and it pushes oil out the air filter.
> I have not seen it; he asked me about it last night.  He is sure it is 
> 4 cycle, not 2 cycle.  And that’s all the info I have.  Not even sure 
> if its 1 or 2 cylinders.
> Any thoughts?
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