[TR] Replacing or rebuilding TR3A differential

Dave dlhogye at comcast.net
Thu Jul 2 11:40:48 MDT 2020

Most likely, any rear end that might be available, will also need rebuilding.  I rebuilt the one in my TR3 when I found problems after a specialist first did the job.  It can be done without Churchill tools, but I would recommend an expert with a stellar reputation do this work.  Perhaps shipping it to the right shop would be best.  
Dave H. 

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> On Jul 2, 2020, at 9:24 AM, Dave MacKay <dave at mdmackay.ca> wrote:
> The pinion gear in the 3.7:1 differential of my 1960 TR3A (s/n 68639L) broke
> a couple of teeth so that now I need to rebuild the differential and replace
> the crown and pinion gears. I’m intimidated by the repair because it looks
> like the repair requires more expertise that I have and because the TR3
> service manual specifies special Churchill tools that I don’t have and that
> seem to be unavailable.
> The idea of replacing the differential rather than rebuilding it holds
> considerable appeal. I’d welcome any suggestions from the list about
> - Where I might be able to source a working diff to replace mine with?
> - Any readily-available rear ends that I might be able to swap in (e.g.,
> from another model or make of car)?
> If a replacement isn’t feasible, I’d appreciate input from the list about:
> - Shops/mechanics that have experience rebuilding Triumph differentials
> - Where I could buy/rent/borrow the special Churchill tools that the service
> manual specifies
> - Alternatives to the Churchill tools (S101, M84, S4221, S103, M70, TS1,
> M85, S132/2)
> - Advice about other tools that will be needed (e.g., what size press) or
> outside services that would make the job easier
> Of course any tales from those that have been there/done that would also be
> welcome.
> Thank-you,
> Dave MacKay
> 1960 Triumph TR3A, s/n 68639L
> near Toronto, Canada
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