[TR] Space-saver or full-size spare?

DAVID MASSEY dave1massey at cs.com
Thu Jul 2 06:14:35 MDT 2020

 Or leave it deflated and carry a can of Fix-A-Flat for when (if) you need it.
Another option is to get a tyre/wheel from a TR3-4.  It has a narrower rim and tire and will easily fit if the 205 just barely fits.

I have a space-saver spare but I forgot what it was from.  It opened up a nice bit of room in the well.
So, does the new tank have a larger capacity?

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 <!--#yiv2101853706 _filtered {} _filtered {}#yiv2101853706 #yiv2101853706 p.yiv2101853706MsoNormal, #yiv2101853706 li.yiv2101853706MsoNormal, #yiv2101853706 div.yiv2101853706MsoNormal {margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:8.0pt;margin-left:0cm;line-height:106%;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;}#yiv2101853706 p.yiv2101853706MsoNoSpacing, #yiv2101853706 li.yiv2101853706MsoNoSpacing, #yiv2101853706 div.yiv2101853706MsoNoSpacing {margin:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;}#yiv2101853706 span.yiv2101853706EmailStyle17 {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;color:windowtext;}#yiv2101853706 .yiv2101853706MsoChpDefault {font-family:"Calibri", sans-serif;} _filtered {}#yiv2101853706 div.yiv2101853706WordSection1 {}-->I had an aluminum fuel tank from Boyd Welding installed in my 74 TR6. I knew that it was larger than the standard tank. So when I picked up my car, I wasn’t surprised to hear that my spare tire was a tight fit. Only today I found out that the spare fit only because it was deflated! Fortunately I made the discovery in my driveway. So I need a spare tire. What is the thinking of list members for getting a ‘space saver’ tire instead of one that is full size? I wouldn’t plan to drive far or quickly on a space-saver, and having flat space in the boot would be nice. On the other hand I’m not sure if my tailpipe would drag or whether a short drive on the space-saver would cause other problems. The (deflated) spare is a P205/65 R15. If I were to replace it with a full size tire, I plan to look at something as narrow as a 175/65R15. Being 30mm more narrow might even allow me to inflate my spare! Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much. David Soknacki 74 TR6 CF22072U    ** triumphs at autox.team.net **

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