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They work, but they take forever and it’s a good idea to “pre clean”

On the last 2 cars I restored, I took every single last bit of “plated” hardware from the car to a local plating shop in a couple of 5 gallon buckets, grease, rust and all.  Springs, screws, washers, plates, nuts bolts, all of it.

Just have to take photos and notes to get things back in the right place.

For $120, an entire car worth of clean, shiny, rust free cadmium and/or light zinc plated hardware was returned in about a week.

Just have to specify the finish you want.

I’ll never clean big piles of hardware again.

For small jobs (say a transmission or a front end re-do) I just put hardware in a bucket of paint thinner for a few days and give them a periodic spin with a mixer/paddle blade on a cordless drill.

Couple rounds of that and a finish wash in some muriatic acid  to eat up the rust and remaining grease (same method) (don’t leave the bits in too long).

Rinse in clean water, dry, and hit with a light coat of clear spray paint.

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has anyone used a tumbler to clean nuts and bolts?  i see eastwood and harbor freight both have them

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