[TR] Clear/Amber Fog

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Jan 30 06:49:07 MST 2020

> You're right! I forgot about the crank. But then you would 
> need magneto ignition when the battery was stone cold dead.

True, but very rarely is the battery stone cold dead (unless you left the
lights on).  With points (unlike many electronic ignitions), the engine will
still fire at cranking speeds even with the battery discharged below the
point where it's normally considered "dead".  Lead acid batteries even
recover (just a little) when sitting idle; so if the engine was running when
you got home, there is almost certain to be enough left to fire the plugs
the next morning.

But when I used to fight with the lack of generator capacity, many years
ago, I didn't own a hand crank.  So I got adept at push-starting the car by
myself.  Probably couldn't do it today, though.

-- Randall

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