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 Another thing that was different back then is the batteries in those days were much more tolerant of deeper discharge cycles.  One could discharge the battery driving home at night and then recharge the battery the following day of day-time driving.  Not an issue except in the short days of winter when you drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark.  Supplemental charging may be required under these conditions.

Sometime in the 70's or 80's specsmanship took over battery marketing and they were all touting higher and higher CCA's (Cold Cranking Amps) and the way to achieve higher CCA's was to increase the plate area and to do that without making the batter larger was to make the plates thinner.  Thinner plates will get holes etched into them on deeper discharge and the holes don't heal and the battery degrades.  

This is not a big issue for modern cars since they are fitted with alternators capable of supporting all electrical loads even at idle but they also do not need the crazy CCA's touted in batteries these days.  But those remain a dominant marketing topic so we are stuck with the situation unless you are willing to buck up for a deep cycle battery.

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Those look fantastic! But, (there’s always a “but”) how does the generator keep up with the draw of those lights? I have always heard that the stock generator can just about keep up with stock lights, heater motor, and the relatively small amount of ignition current. Plus, of course, charging current.   Your most recent added pages on Lucas lamps are great. Thanks for sharing with us all.  Alex Thomson  From: Triumphs [mailto:triumphs-bounces at autox.team.net] On Behalf Of TeriAnn J. Wakeman
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Is it what the factory happened to have on hand?  ;-)  
I'm not sure, but weren't the auxiliary lights dealer installed and not from the factory?Is anyone reproducing the optional light/badge bar for the TR3 anymore? I got mine years ago and had to wait months from the time I ordered for a production run to be made. I recently checked both Moss & The Roadster factory but didn't see a listing for the bar.I really don't like how high the factory mounting places the lights. I saw a 3 a while back that has it lowered and much preferred that location. The guy made a bar with mounting holes placed about 3-3-1/2" centre to centre from each other to lower the bar.The attached picture is a TR3 with lowered light bar.TeriAnn

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